Problems with midi thru

CorOS Version: 1.4.1

Describe your issue:
When I turn on the “MIDI Thru” switch in “MiDI Settings”, i can’t send massages to a pedal connected on MIDI output from QC. When this switch is off, i can send massagens normaly.
For me, it’s a big problem, because im need to use a midi controller before QC, thats it i need de “MIDI Tru” function “ON”

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Configure a MIDI mensagem on Preset MIDI out
  2. Configure your “slave” MIDI device
  3. Turn on the MIDI Thru on MIDI Settings
  4. Use the cene to send a mansage - No comunication
  5. Turn off the MIDI Thru
  6. Use the cene to send a mansage – Comunication works

I expected this to happen:
When active the Thru Switch, the QC mansage works and my midi controler works

I have tried the following things:

  • Change de cable
  • Chage pedal
  • Use a MIDI controler
  • Disconect the MIDI Controler
  • Verify all the connection
  • Verify all the configuration

Hi - I asked support this exact question about a year ago. The response was that they’ve implemented MIDI Thru to mean “incoming messages go through, but none from the QC itself are sent”. Which is of course not how MIDI devices are expected to behave. It should continue to send messages AND merge them with incoming messages.

I’m hoping the upcoming release changes this, but there’s been no information indicating what new MIDI capability might be included.


For me this doesn’t make any sense, let’s assume that you have automations coming from a DAW to your QC, we should be able to manual change in case of the automations gets out of sync. This is the normal behaviour. I think this is a bug.


I agree! Either a bug, or they simply didn’t design it correctly.


Hi @stevehelios ,
For me is clear, I think that this type of think, should be a copy and paste of established equipment in the market. After, if the company has time available to improve the feature, can come up with something new and different.
The are other problems (or implementation needs) MIDI and basic “on flight” funcionality.

Thanks so much!

Hi @edermariano ,
From QC group my friend?
How are you?
Yes… There is a problem, and how i said, there are other thinks to solve too.

Thanks so much!

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I agree with the usefulness of the idea. See this feature request:

You can vote on it to promote it!


Hi @YehonatanV ,

I tryied, but they (site) inform that i reached the vote limit. Strange…
I left a comment on your post.

Thans so much!

You only get a fixed number of votes (I suppose to avoid spamming everything and force you to choose what you think is more important/urgent).
You can see which features you voted on in your profile page (choose the Votes tab on the left).
You can unvote something and add it to this feature.

You get a total of twenty votes. You can see your votes by going to Preferences → Activity → Votes and remove some of them if you like to restore votes. A ridiculous process IMHO. Not only is it tedious but it in essence clouds the vote history of a feature request.

I am definitely an advocate for increasing or eliminating the vote limit. I don’t think it is contributing as much to prioritizing of votes as it is just preventing votes on new requests once a user’s votes are consumed.

A final note, supposedly votes are restored automatically when a feature is implemented but that seems like it would have to be a clerical process with the moderator(s) removing the feature request or emptying its votes. Some feature requests that have been implemented could easily be missed so we will see how that goes.

Didn’t intend to express any opinion on the matter, just wanted to tell someone how they might change their votes.

LOL, exception noted. it was an ideal opportunity to advance the grant more votes or eliminate limit “movement”. :wink:

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I look forward to midi improvements in this next V 2.0. There are so many things to create and improve in this feature.

Thanks so much!

Hi !

This problem is still not fixed 1 year and the half later ??

Agree this is a major issue. It is compounded by the fact that the per-button Preset MIDI Settings do not fire when an external MIDI controller mapped to switches A-H. So you can’t get MIDI passed through directly from the external controller, and you can’t native QC functionality when triggering from a controller.

It is absolutely not functioning in a proper “MIDI Thru” fashion at present, and should be fixed ASAP.

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Judging from their stated development priorities, I have a feeling the folks at Neural think we all want to sit in front our of computers setting up presets and hanging out in their app downloading other people’s presets, rather than standing on stages playing.

So frustrating!