Problems with captures

Hi I’m experiencing some problems with captures, my QC didn’t use to do this but it’s started a fault and I’m looking for a solution. I’ve contact NDSP but I’m yet to get any sensible help.
I go through the capture process and all is well, I compare the capture and original at the end of the process and all sound great. However when I load that capture into a preset it sounds NOTHING like the capture I checked before saving, it’s totally lacking in gain (by a lot) and sounds nothing like the amp…at all.
Anyone had any experience like this and how did you solve it? If support comes up with anything I’ll post the answer but seeing as it’s been going on for we’ll over a week I’m guessing not.

What version are you on and do you have expression and midi cables unplugged from the QC?

I would also mention double checking your cables. I’ve been running into cable issues lately on some things so that comes to mind as well.

Yep the cables are all good, I’m up to date with softwares latest version. I have nothing extra plugged in other than what is needed. The funny thing is though when you do the compare at the end of the capture it sounds great. It’s only when you recall the capture to a preset later.

Check your global input levels as these greatly affect how captures perform when inserted in the grid.

Had the same thing when I was capturing a amp. Drove me crazy because I tried everything. Had to send it in for a fix. They fixed it but never told me what it was. Quick turnaround.

Yeah it’s really in and out, it will capture the odd thing but then won’t do other stuff. It’s really pi$$ing me off to be fair.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the capture process. I’d recommend reaching out to to see if they can help you figure out what’s going on.

Yeah I have done mate, they’re usually brilliant. But not this time.

Same problem here. Sounds absolutely brilliant at the compare stage, but when I recall the preset and put it in the chain it’s completely clean, lifeless and has no cab sound. :weary:

Remember to disable any gate/noise suppression as that totally screws up any capture process.