QC Reamp over usb in cubase

Looking for some help with USB reamping through Cubase:
Haven’t found a ton of information on the subject, everyone seems to prefer Reaper, and Logic, though the basics/routing should translate to any DAW I would assume.
I’ve routed everything properly to the best of my understanding.
On the QC my input is usb 5, output to usb 5/6.
In Cubase my DI track output is routed to usb 5, and the reamp track is routed from input usb 6, to normal stereo output so I should be able to hear the processed audio when playing just playing the DI.
This is very similar to how I would reamp on my Kemper via SPDIF.
I am used the QC as the main interface, with my focusrite turned off entirely.
I do not currently have my studio monitors plugged into the QC, as I’m just using some studio headphones to ensure I’m getting audio at all.

Essentially, and to reiterate, I have all audio from the session working fine, I can not seem to get the DI through the QC to process the signal even with all suggested routing. I hear nothing when playing the DI through aforementioned routing, and when I arm the reamp to record, it also gets no audio.
Maybe I’m overlooking something in my routing, problems with Cubase, QC needs update, or conflicting issues with other interface drivers?
If anyone has input, or time to walk me through it, it would me greatly appreciated.
Thank you :pray:t2: