Preset speciffic Midi-Mapping? (standalone)

This might be a little bit niche, but i want to do the following:

I have a cheap midi foot controller with 8 switches, which I want to use for live performances. The bottom 4 are PC switches which change the preset of the standalone plugin. The other 4 are used as CC to toggle on and off certain effect pedals.

I now want to toggle different effect pedals based on which preset I’m currently using.

I found the easiest solution would be to have my PC-Message edit the Midi-Mapping file (very simple programming), but the file does’nt automaticaly refresh.

Is there a shortcut to manually refresh the midi mapping? Do the developers have some sort of API which I can access? Or am I overthinking this, and there is a much simpler solution?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @squarewhale and welcome to the community! There are multiple brands of MIDI foot controllers available but I would look at Morningstar MC8 as many have recommended that unit. If you get lost, email and they can work with you for your specific setup.