Using MIDI Footswitch to switch plugin

Hey guys, I’m using Cubase 10.5 and I recently purchased the FCB1010 Midi Controller (stock chip). After watching Steven Wards videos I figured out how to change presets within the same plugin (Plini) with the stomp buttons but I have many presets across all the plugins and I actually don’t want to mix and match all the individual components. I just want to be able to say press button 1 and it will activate my Abasi Clean preset and then press button 2 to activate my Cali Crunch preset AND disable the previous plugin. Or Press 3 and it will activate my OMEGA Heavy preset and disable the other plugins. And then Button 4 activate PitchProof -4 ON/OFF and Button 5 PitchProof -7 ON/OFF. I just cant figure out how to achieve any of this in either standalone or DAW. Has anybody managed to achieve this in either Standalone, Cubase or even FL Studio?


Not sure if you can switch between plug-in per se… you could set up a “dead patch” in each plug in that gets recalled to MUTE that plug-in while a “Live” preset is recalled in another…

In Logic you can do much more with the Environment, not sure in Cubase. Unless you an recall Mixer presets (mutes) with a Program Change?

Probably the easiest way to do this is with Cantabile. It’s a specialized DAW designed specifically for live use - hosting VSTi and VST in particular. The Solo or Performer version would be needed so you can define all of the midi routing needed.