Using MIDI Footswitch to switch plugin

Hey guys, I’m using Cubase 10.5 and I recently purchased the FCB1010 Midi Controller (stock chip). After watching Steven Wards videos I figured out how to change presets within the same plugin (Plini) with the stomp buttons but I have many presets across all the plugins and I actually don’t want to mix and match all the individual components. I just want to be able to say press button 1 and it will activate my Abasi Clean preset and then press button 2 to activate my Cali Crunch preset AND disable the previous plugin. Or Press 3 and it will activate my OMEGA Heavy preset and disable the other plugins. And then Button 4 activate PitchProof -4 ON/OFF and Button 5 PitchProof -7 ON/OFF. I just cant figure out how to achieve any of this in either standalone or DAW. Has anybody managed to achieve this in either Standalone, Cubase or even FL Studio?