Quad Cortex + Plugin Preset Management

I’ve started to try the plugins and am also thinking of getting the QC. One of the first things I find myself doing is coming up with a homegrown system to manage preset types.

This just takes the form of an editor with a good outliner like VSCode, where I can start making lists of all the clean vs high gain etc preset timbre types.

This would be done so I can have the presets across the diff plugins of given types in their own sub-lists so they can start to be useful for picking, using and adding comments.

My question concerning the QC then concerns preset management. Will there be a way to meta-tag presets with terms like “spacy” or “dark” or “bright” or whatever you like?

Also, will existing presets already have some decent meta-tags to allow for proper searching?

That brings me to the last and essential question. When will the plugin presets be able to be loaded into the QC? Hopefully version 2 of the QC OS gets us closer to doing this?

Hi @modus7 and welcome to the community! Any questions regarding future QC firmware updates can be found on the NDSP site under news:

Here you will find any developmental updates regarding the QC and other news. Feel free to post in the QC feature request threads and or vote on existing requests.

Good luck!