Preset/scene leveling page with db-meter

I love the quad cortex and the UI, but I would love to have a preset/scene leveling page. With DB- meters because leveling by ear is difficult.

Fractal has this covered in a beautiful way. With the db meter I can always keep my presets and scenes around 0 db. So I never have big jumps in soundlevels between scenes or presets without me wanting that😬

Push the output box at the end of the line for two seconds.


Agree, this can be closed most likely as that is already implemented if you long press any output on the signal grid.

I didn’t know this. Thanks for the replies and you can close this one!

Thanks you very much and sorry for the inconvenience :facepunch:t2:

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No worries, that is why we are here! :slight_smile:

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