Volume balancing across presets

I’m considering QUad, I’ve had Atomic, then Kemper, and the Quad certainly seems to address the interface issues I had with both, BUT, does it address one of the most time-consuming issues which is balancing the FoH volumes across different presets
? It’s that Fletcher Munson thing where you get the volumes perfect r room at home, then when you wind up at the rehearsal everything is out of kilter because it’s louder, and now you have to reset all volumes again, yet you simply don’t have time to muck about with knobs at a rehearsal … I found that to be an absolute pain. Perhaps Quad has a solution, anyone?


for matching your preset and scene volumes you should be able to use the QC output meters to standardize their levels; this way the QC will not have a sudden volume discrepancy when you switch from various presets and scenes. the volume that your bandmates on stage or the audience out front will hear is based on your playback systems and I think that’s where the Fletcher-Munson curve will play a role… which if I understand correctly is more about EQ balancing. just my 2 cents.

Yeah. Metering goes a long way in getting things leveled. It’s not a cure-all but it at least ensures that everything’s in the same ballpark.

On top of Fletcher-Munson, there are some other psychoacoustic effects in play so there’s no known way to effectively automate leveling.

To take it even further you can just send it through some DAW and a level meter plugin to get some numbers, if you wanna have that for better adjustments. I did that at home or I sent I. E. the Kemper through our X32 Compact and monitored levels there.

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