Preset Advice

Hello , New with QC. I 'm looking for presets with Clean to Distortion Scene. I means a scene that can easyly be used as basics sounds panel.

Does anyone can give my advice / preset names ? Thanks a lot in advance.


I am a relatively new user and I enjoy using Presets from Worship Tutorials. They usually make scenes to go with their presets that graduate from clean to heavier sounds. They can be found on the Neural Web site. Tone Junkie has some nice presets and of course Rabea… Hope this helps.

Thanks Brian , Greetings from Switzerland

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You are very welcome. My heritage is from Switzerland back into the 1500’s. I still have relatives that live in the town of Vallorbe, in the Canton De Vaud. What part of the country are you living in?

Hi From Geneva, it’s not that far from Vallorbe. Been there for work two weeks ago. It’s a very nice place.

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That is awesome! It would be the trip of my lifetime to go there. Thanks for the reply. Rock on!