How does “Downloads” work?

I got to the app and download some captures. Then I go tot he Downloads folder to click the little save icon and actually download it. But when I get there, there are hundreds of captures that I have already downloaded and am actively using. I click the save icon, and the capture disappears, but if I leave an come back, the capture is there again.

Then once I finally download a capture, I go to add it to my grid, and I got to captures and there are 3 tabs: (1) Factory (self explanatory), (2) My Captures, and (3) Downloads.

I assumed My Captures would literally be for MY captures (of which I have made none), so it should be empty, right? But it’s full of my downloaded captures. BUT not all of my downloaded captures are in there. Some of my downloaded captures are actually in Downloads… along with duplicates of captures that are in My Captures.

What is going on??

Since captures are bundled with presets now, when you download a preset with a capture, you will get the capture as well. The download folders is where you can demo, delete and or save the downloaded captures and or presets.

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Does “my captures” include downloads and your actual captures (that you actually made yourself)?

Should there be duplicates between My Captures and Downloads? Maybe my system was just being laggy?