iPhone usb audio

Hi, I plugged my iPhone into the QC using USB camera connection kit to try and play a backing track to jam along to. The sound was quiet and warbled no matter what input/output combinations I used. Has anyone had success with iPhone usb audio or is it best to use iPhone headphones audio out into input 2 or return jack in QC?

I couldn’t get my iPads to connect (using the specified usb to lightning/C camera adaptor) so I ended up using a basic 2 channel audio interface (Roland Rubix 24): I connect the QC cable output to its input and use the usb output of the Rubix. That works fine.
An expensive workaround though !

Sadly, the usb 1 & 2 outputs are dry. Wet on 3&4. Only usb 1&2 can be defaulted on apps without audio input selection.

I’m new to the QC, so have a lot to learn, but I just managed to get my iPhone connected to the QC USB input using a simple and cheap (Amazon) USB to Lightning cable (see picture) To be fair I did expect this to work as I can connect my iPhone directly to a Line 6 Catalyst using this cable, and can play music and use the Catalyst Edit app directly.

I can only get it working on the QC if I listen through headphones though; on the I/O Settings pull-down page on the QC it does say this when you tap the ‘i’ (‘information’) button on the ‘IN 3/4’ tab. For ‘IN 1/2’ I can hear the iPhone if I use the XLR outs (‘Playback through Host XLR out’) But I can’t work out how to how to configure it so I can use In 5/6 (it says this is a manual route from the host to grid selectable lane input)

Any ideas?

Hi @littlespaceman, the USB audio 1/2 are dry and 3/4 are wet by default. If you want to change that behavior, pull down the I/O menu, select USB and change the setting to 3/4 dry and 1/2 will be wet (processed). Before the last big firmware update, changing the default was not possible requiring using an app (DAW) that let you specify your inputs. Now you can connect your iPhone/iPad etc., directly to the QC and record video and processed audio. You can also use USB 5/6+ for routing audio from DAW on PC/MAC to QC grid via input. Hope that makes sense!

Hmm, that’s made me do some head scratching, but thank you!

I’ve just seen Page 2 on the IO pull down menu, which allows me to swap USB to 3/4 dry and 1/2 wet.
How will that help me though? All I really want to do (at this stage) is be able to use the USB input on the QC as an ‘aux in’ to play backing tracks from my iPhone.

And how do set up the grid to have USB 5/6 as an input? From what I can see this is the only way to have the sound from the iPhone in the QC USB input coming out of QC output 3/4 (which is what I tend to use as I plug the QC in to my Line 6 Powercab via a TR 1/4" cable rather than XLR)