Power on to tuner option

Every time I power up the Quad cortex live, it loads the previously used patch which often causes a lot noise, especially if the band are using IEM’s and there’s a live jack lead with no instrument plugged in.

The only solution that I can see for this is to add a mute to the end of the effects chain, but it will need to be disabled every time the patch is loaded.

Also in a live setting, it would be useful to not boot the device as soon as the power cable is plugged in. There’s a request for this feature already.

It is always best practice to mute the inputs of anything before you turn on a device that is plugged into it.
Pops and bangs from startup are common and cannot be prevented.

Any speakers/headphones/inears etc should be the last things to turn on or unmute.


That’s not always possible in a live setting. There isn’t usually a lot of noise from it turning on, it’s more annoying that it loads straight into a live patch. A simple switch to load into the muted tuner is certainly possible and would be much better

It should be. I use to work as a sound engineer, and one of the most important things was making sure equipment was turned on in the right order, and all desk channels were muted during changeovers.
You wouldn’t turn a guitar amp on until you had your pedalboard turned on and guitar plugged in, so why would this be different?

Use the big volume control on the front and turn that right down before plugging in? You can easily remember the number you have it set on normally. Or set your mixer (or even patches) to handle it on full, then you don’t have to remember.

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doesn’t the volume knob serve that purpose at the moment? Though I agree

Power on to tuner option is a great suggestion.

Turning equipment on/off in the correct order is my first line of defense. I also almost always have an expression pedal assigned to a volume block, so when I start my device, I depress it to heel down first.

Regarding the instant-on behavior. I purchased an inline switched barrel connection extension. That puts the switch in a handy position next to my QC and I can plug it in and have it remain powered off. Less than $5.

just make sure you DO NOT buy this one by mistake:

I bought 2 of these and they literally do not work. Like not even kind of - they do absolutely nothing :sweat_smile:

You could have a patch that is muted , one that can be used like a stand by switch that you select before you turn the unit off, or whenever you want the unit muted, or if you use an expression pedal, you can have a patch where you use it as a volume pedal and just have the volume down on it.