Loud buzzing from amp after powering off QC

I currently have the QC connected via output 1 to my amp using an xlr cable.
When I power off the QC I get loud hum/buzz from the amp the moment it powers off. It seems to be emanating from the power supply since if I pull out the power plugin of the QC the hum stops.
Anyone else seeing this?

The buzz stops when the device is powered on so some circuit is blocking this noise. However I expect it to be silent when powered off as well.

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I had the same issue once. It disappeared after unplugging from the wall socket and then never appeared again yet.

I’m getting a massive pop sound that can pretty much blow away my speakers easily even with the volume knob all the way down.

The power amp and speakers should always be the last to be turned on, and the first to be switched off. Connecting other devices, or switching them on or off, whilst the speakers are on will always cause a lot of noise.

I beg to differ. This piece of equipment has a ground loop by design … I talked to reputable studio and sound engineers that I happen to know and showed it to them. They couldn’t believe it …