Interesting FX Loop Capture Project

Hi all,

I’ve come across this video (YOUTUBE VID). Basically, the presenter talks about why it’s stupid and unnecessary for the TONEX pedal to have a FX loop. He makes a good point, however, I had an idea.

Sorry, I cannot do this since I do not have an amp at the moment, but if someone has the capability to make an amp capture, it would be something to try to capture the preamp section of an amp, and then capture the power section separately. This would create a virtual FX loop within the QC. Hopefully that makes sense. Would be interesting to see what the results are.


He understands the argument for the fx loop completely wrong. No one cares whether you can put effects between the pre- and poweramps. It’s about inserting them in the internal signal chain of the processor. In the case of the Tonex, it’s to be able to use external effects after the amp sim through headphones.

Anyway, if you want to try fx between pre- and poweramp, you could use a preamp capture and poweramp capture in the QC and insert fx between them. There are suitable factory captures.

Yeah, I see your point regarding the Tonex not having an FX loop. It would of been nice to be able to put effects post amp/cab or, at least, amp, and still have them come through the output of the unit. That would make the Tonex be the “brain” of a pedalboard, but I think they probably just envisioned it to be in the effects loop of another processor, which makes sense for it not to have an fx loop from that point of view.

Regarding the QC, I was not aware that there were pre and power amp section models. I’ll see if I can find some and listen to hear what kind of differences there are if an effect is placed between the pre and power amp sections of an amp, and then between the amp and cab.