Post your best capture finds

The cloud is quite cluttered with captures, so feel free to share your best finds here.


Not a capture, but the Cory Wong acoustic presets are good. Makes your electric sound like it’s an acoustic.

There’s a good Vibrolux out there and I like Cordy’s capture of the KPA Morgan.

There is a fender princeton 65 by @guitargreenguy. Add a bit of bass boost with an EQ post grid. ooooosh

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I just downloaded “Marshall Jmp 1959 sl 1980” from IthebastardKing and it is freakin awesome!
From memory, i threw the Alnico 412 after it and it is so full bodied… another scene with the Thorpy Peacekeeper from TheStudioRats in front for some dirt and it just rocks! 2 hours just flew past rocking out with this combo…

Yup I checked it out. I dont know how they did it but it sounds just like an electric/acoustic. insane times we live in.