Factory Captures - QC

I’ve had the QC for nearly a month now and have only really scratched the surface. I’ve only really explored the preset banks but understand that there is so much more to offer. Tonight I began clicking through some of the factory captures, but there must be 400+ in there. Are there any of those to you that have become go-to tones for you?

What are some of the best clean factory tones that you’ve come across?

Guitar or bass? What style of music/tones do you favor?

Mostly guitar but would love to really dive into some bass tones as well. For bass I’ve been using Ampeg SVT VR. I know that it’s general but for Rock guitar. I know that there are tons out there and feel that I’m maybe missing something. I’ve read comments like using the presets doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface and that there’s more to be desired there. I think that some of them sound incredible however I’m looking to discover some of the best tones out there.

Thanks to you all, each list was great! this is a big help.

It’s really hard to personalize a list like that- what I like and what works for my rig may not work for you at all. That said;

I really like the Comet 60 clean amp captures. The Cravin X100 has some nice ones too. The Prince 65 has some great cleans.

For bass, you can’t beat the new Aggi captures. There’s a TON of them so you kind of have to feel around and find the gain level you’re looking for, but they’re extremely well-balanced and a good representation of the capture process as it stands now. Before those came out I liked the Warwitch bass head captures a lot.

If you want to know what each capture or amp represents (model-wise) this breaks it down nicely: