Capturing Tonex Pedal Capture on Quad Cortex

I spent the last 2 days learning how to setup the midi, and run the Tonex pedal into the return 1 and send 1.

I got that all figured out, but it turned out just using a QC capture of that Matchless Independence 35 Tonex Capture sounded way better

I think this is the best tone I have ever gotten out of the Quad Cortex.

I created a preset on the Cortex sharing site called Matchles Indepn. It’s dialed in for the Les Paul, so you might want to EQ it if you have a single coil guitar.

The preset is called Matchles Indepn
Username on site is mightymikeamps

Next up is doing the same with the Bonamassa Dumble captures.


Cool. I tried the Cordy tonex dumble a few minutes ago. Pretty nice with an LP. I’d like to hear some cleaner captures of it.

I’ll check out your Matchless preset. Thanks for sharing!


I ended up returning the Tonex Pedal. Just dropped it off with FedEx today after doing some recording with it in Protools.

In every way the QC is better. I did not like the Joe Bonamassa Captures.

It’s crazy how the QC capture of the Tonex Captures sounded so much bettee, and I have some other good ones that I will make some really usable presets with the folllowing scenes… Clean, Edge if Grit, Crunch, lead, and shimmer…

It’s bonkers to me that we’re at the point of being able to use QC to capture Tonex captures of real amps. Not that it’s wrong or anything.

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Did you ever try that Matchless Preset I uploaded?

I did- it was only the combo capture and a plate rev, right?
Very well-balanced, good level. Nice upper mid-gain flavor. I liked it.
Shot it out against the Live Ready Sound caps of a real Matchless HC30 head, but it’s hard to quantify against a baked-in cab. I like full-rig caps, they really feel and sound accurate to me.
Thanks again for sharing it!

I think you might have downloaded the other guy’s Matxhless Tonex patch… His username is Fanthomas… His is based of the same amp capture from Tonex, and his Victory Sheriff Capture is REALLY good too.

Mine has a bunch of scenes… Clean with Chorus, Edge of Grit, Crunch, Lead, and a Couple other cleans with Shimmer Reverb.

The scenes with Grit, have an Earthquaker Devices Plume in Front, and the Edge of Grit, Crunch, and Lead are each gradually increase with volume and more gain.

Well duh!! Now I know why. I had mine on private. Here’s a link… I freaking love this preset!!

Ah, ooops. That 'splains it.
Now I’ve tried the REAL one, yeah- it’s good!
I like the glassy cleans and biting mids. You use the Anti-Shimmer trick I prefer with the Shimmer verb. Nice to see someone else going down am octave instead of up.
It does sound pretty great overall!

One question- why the simple gate block instead of the built-in one in the input block?

I get a lot of noise as soon as I plug any guitar cord into the QC input… Do you get that too? It quiets down some once I plug in the guitar.

I really am kind of a newbie on the noise gate thing. I appreciate any tips. I didn’t even know there was a noise gate in the input block.

Edit: I just opened the manual and see the input block thing. I didn’t know you could hold down one them.

I might want to do this on a patch where I run my H9 in and out of send1 and return1… It lowers the volume of that scene verses the QC delay on another.

Now I feel like I should read through the manual again.

This happens with any modeler or amp. You have to plug the cable into a guitar to stop the buzz. Neutrik also makes silent plugs that remove the noise and gets rid of the crackling when plugging into a guitar.

reading the manual can be quite a revelation! Still, this is a good place to ask questions.

I get noise like that too, it’s the nature of the grounding situation. Once you’re plugged in and up and going it should go away though.

Keep in mind single-coil p’ups can introduce a lot of extra noise in an environment where you have lots of electronics or fluorescent lights around you. Have you experimented w/ singles vs humbuckers to see if your noise levels differ?

I tried using input 2 to see if that changed anything (it didn’t), I also noticed that scene 4 is the one with the noise…. It has the most gain.

I also noticed other presets vary in noise . Usually the higher gain ones have higher noise.

Thanks for the preset! I’ve been enjoying it yesterday and today. Sounds awesome.