Possibility to switch between 1A to 32H and 1-256 preset numbering

This is just because people like me who use a preset per song and then build scenes for each part of the song don’t really need to organise the presets into 32 banks of 8 presets.
It is not a deal breaker, but it is not elegant when you work only in scene mode: it is easier to see the preset numbers go from 1 to 256.
This is how the Helix works, there is a switch to go from the 1A-32H mode to the 1-256 mode (or maybe it is 1A to 16H, so 1 to 128, I don’t remember, my Helix rack sits in a rack since I bought the QC :wink: )

Great suggestion. I only use scenes and I couldn’t work out why I found the current system so confusing to navigate: The letters aren’t actually adding anything!

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