Hybrid mode - selecting next 4 presets easily

It would be good to easily switch from first batch of 4 presets in my bank to the next batch of 4 presets using the up/down switches.

When I use hybrid mode I put presets on top A-D and scenes below on E-H. That way I see my first 4 presets/songs on top and can use 4 scenes within each song. Pretty awesome.

But when I want to go to my 5th song I find no easy way of doing that. I would have thought that pressing up should send me to presets/songs 5-8 in my bank. But it doesn’t.
It sends me to the next bank of songs.

A workaround would be to only save presets to slots 1-4 on each bank but eventually that only leaves me with half of the capacity of storage (not that I would ever use it all up). But still.

Is there a more simple way if doing things in hybrid mode?