Finding my presets during a gig

here is my situation.

i have 16 or so presets. one for each song.

within each preset i have scenes programed. and i am working in Gig view. and scene mode.

now i want to find another song.

i push the two lower right buttons to enter preset mode. the desplay remains in gig view and i can survey the 8 presets in the current bank.

but if the song i want is not in the current bank and i use the up or down button to change banks. the new bank comes up but i am autmatically switched out of gig view so i cannot survey the 8 presets in the new bank. so now the only way to find the desired song is to punch through the 8 buttons one at a time till i find the one i want.

i would hope that onec i am in gig view i will stay there until i ask to leave.

I use one preset all night. It’s complex, and I use a lot of switches - all 8 QC switches are stomp, and an MC8 handles scene switching. So I’m basically using QC as a traditional pedalboard and amp. This way I don’t do any preset switching (or very little) during the gig, I find it distracting. And I like to have my tone be predictable and controllable, not changing in ever song. I like controlling stomps directly because I like to be able to mix and match effects depending on what the song needs at the moment - based on the crowd, and what’s inspiring.

If I was playing in an orchestra pit for a musical or play, I’d use presets and scenes, mostly controlled by MIDI if it fits the situation. But I’m playing Irish Pubs most of the time, so I don’t want to be too rigid about the sound for each song.

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