Neural DSP Hub idea

Did you consider to create some app like plugin Hub?
App that will contains all plugins in one standalone app. All amps, all pedals and others in one app.
It should be easier to use pedals from one plugin, amp from second etc and configure it to play live.

If you didn’t consider that please think about it. It would make my life simpler and I think not only my :wink:

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It’s definitely a great idea and it’s been brought up many times before. Let’s hope they’re listening to us!

I use Apple MainStage to do this. It’s a VST/AU plugin host application that can be configured for a custom UI and MIDI control.

I would like to get some official info from Neural if they are planning to release tool like that or not for now.
My frustration will eventually come to that point where i will write some semihost app by myself and I do not want to waste that time.