Have Neural DSP considered making an effects board?

We all love Neural’s plugins but can admit they seriously lack effects. I’m currently using BiasFX 2 before Archetype in any chains I create but find BiasFX’s inferior, plastic sound infects Archetype. I was wondering if NDSP has considered making a pedalboard plugin which can be placed before any of their plugins?
I notice Quad Cortex has a ton of effects so clearly they can do effects. Would buy an effects plugin in a second.


I would also love to see a driver(fuzz,dist,overdrive) mod (chorus,phaser,flanger), time(delay,reverb) thing. But for now I use Soundtoys and ValhallaDSP and I highly recommend them. I really dislike Bias.

A stomp box collection would certainly be a logical addition to the Neural line-up. If Neural want to link up with a brand, might I suggest Emma Electronic? My Emma Reezafratzitz is my favourite overdrive/distortion, and the Discombobulator is really good too. I would love to have them and the other Emma pedals in VST form.