What about a Meta Plugin to rule them all?

Hi there!

I own several of the Neural DSP plugins (Granophyre, Darkglass Ultra, Nameless) and they work and sound great but I feel like it’s a shame they can’t share some features.

With Nameless I’ve got for instance the Zuul, the Hexdrive and the Grind pedals.

With Granophyre I’ve got the Plumes pedal, etc.

But what if I want to use the Plume pedal with the Nameless amp and the Granophyre EQ/Cab? Right now I would need to instanciate 3 plugins in my DAW.

I find myself longing for a Meta Plugin, where I would find all the pedals I own, all the amps I own, etc.

I can imagine this is not trivial as right now the routing of said plugins is hardcoded (i.e. Zuul into Hexdrive into Grind) and we would need a way to make new routings.

Are there any plans for that? I feel like it would be really beneficial to the users to find all their Neural DSP plugins in one place, and it would also improve retention and cross-selling: right now if I want to add a delay to Nameless, I’m going to do Nameless > Valhalla Delay into a DAW, but if I could have a delay directly into the Meta Suite by buying Gojira, I would buy Gojira (and also have one more amp) :smiley:


Upping this once! I think it’s a good idea, but maybe it won’t have any traction and I’m wishing that alone :smiley:

Up. I would also love to see the Quad Cortex experience as a plugin, like Line 6 do with Helix Native. I also would like to have any type of subscription service, but I agree that this is very subjective and the majority of people does not like.

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This would be amazing!

Yeah I think it would really bring value to the plugins you already own as well as an incentive to buy more. Sort of a NeuralDSP Suite kind of hub.

Hope this can get some traction!

Part of me dreams of a Neural DSP plugin to allow me to plug in different sections of Nolly, Abasi, Plini, etc, but I also very much appreciate the focused “limitation” that comes along with each of the Neural DSP amp plugins. The finite options keep the creativity flowing for me. I used “limitation” in quotes because you can of course load up multiple plugins in your DAW and turn sections on and off, but it’s not the most convenient and it can trash your CPU pretty quickly (for me it does anyway).

All that said, while loving the current finite options in a single plugin, I would ultimately welcome a rack style Neural DSP plugin to allow me to load in different parts of my plugins. Why not?