Plugins will not start after updating to latest versions

I had reverted to the previous version of the Tone King plugin to get it to work which is now functional but had not yet attempted to re-install ver. 1.03 nut last night I saw that there were updates for the Cory Wong and Cali plugins which I have as well. I first uninstalled the existing versions and then installed the new versions. Again, neither of the programs will start, just like the Tone King update. You see a brief circle on the screen which shows that it’s trying to open but then nothing at all happens. When checking Task Manager no Neural processes are running. I have tried re-booting, shutting down and re-starting, running as Administrator, etc. with no success. I have been using Neural programs for years and have never had any issues installing updates. I am using a Windows 10 machine which is updated to version 20H2. This should work fine. As I mentioned, when I reverted to the previous Tone King installation it again worked correctly. What is going on here?

My plugin is also not starting anymore, I’m on version 22h2 of win10 pro.
Previously it worked perfectly, I used the Plini plugin, trial version

Probably due to the the trial ending requiring purchase to continue. If that isn’t the case, email and they can validate the trial and get your sorted quickly.