Plugins will not start after updating to latest versions

I had reverted to the previous version of the Tone King plugin to get it to work which is now functional but had not yet attempted to re-install ver. 1.03 nut last night I saw that there were updates for the Cory Wong and Cali plugins which I have as well. I first uninstalled the existing versions and then installed the new versions. Again, neither of the programs will start, just like the Tone King update. You see a brief circle on the screen which shows that it’s trying to open but then nothing at all happens. When checking Task Manager no Neural processes are running. I have tried re-booting, shutting down and re-starting, running as Administrator, etc. with no success. I have been using Neural programs for years and have never had any issues installing updates. I am using a Windows 10 machine which is updated to version 20H2. This should work fine. As I mentioned, when I reverted to the previous Tone King installation it again worked correctly. What is going on here?