Not trying to throw the cat among the pigeons, but

…I’m sure I’m not the only one to have noticed a trend in YT videos towards asking if the Quad Cortex is ‘in trouble’ (the main point made in these videos is how promises made at launch still have not been fulfilled) I know we’ve all been over this loads and loads of times, so I don’t want to kick start that conversation again, but we all know that Neural have been criticised for a lack of communication at times, so this might be a good moment for Neural to offer some reassurance and be a bit more forthcoming, or the sort of videos that are being posted are going to hurt sales and therefore support for the QC - and none of us here want that.
Do we know if anyone from Neural HQ reads these threads?

Saw this coming and had just prepared an answer in cutting NDSP some slack.

The QC project surely started with a flow of visionary energy that all good things innovative starts with. As it got obstructed by the bottleneck of resources during the pandemic, they couldn’t deliver on their promises. Most couldn’t.

When you’re in the flow of a creative process, time doesn’t matter. It disappears − like sex or playing in a band, you’re in the moment. You can spend all day on finding solutions to even hard obstacles, and still not be tired, but content. And after some rest and/or sleep you’re jumping to it, full of energy and power again.

Being behind a timestamp of where you want to be causes stress. You lose the moment. It’s only a mind thing, ‘cause now is now and never leaves you (time is created by human kind, as a means to control physical processes, nothing more). Stressful pressure kills the joy and enthusiasm of any project due to the “loss” of presence.

Having experienced that stress during communication with QC support, I know what I’m talking about. They had, empathetically understood, difficulties. They saw my concern, in pointing it out, as an attack on their collective effort. An easy misunderstanding to make via email. You need two for tango and I did my share of misunderstandings. Got scared of losing my QC and didn’t help the situation, even though I knew better. Yet we ended up reaching each other, daring to be open and vulnerable, to the best of our abilities and they solved it completely. All forgiven.

What I’m getting at is trying to show everybody the perspective of someone who’s trying as hard as they can to deliver the happiness we as costumers expected − not to mention living with all the all too eager pain monger ego’s, including the one in “little me”. Show that some of us understand and care for their well being. Without them there wouldn’t be a QC.

This should be fun, both for us and for them. Actually there is no us and them. We’re all people, beyond the pain that nourish on dividing. As far as I’m concerned in this tiny little earthly matter, my GAS doesn’t get surpassed by new things however strongly competing with this one. Got one, to these two ears and personal preference the best there is. … And nothing else matteeerhers.



Although there are and have been exceptions, typically folks at NDSP HQ currently do not read/interact with these threads as it’s meant to be more a user community and escalation point to NDSP support as needed. We believe we should be seeing a March/April development update being posted soon which hopefully addresses some of those concerns.


Just edgy clickbait youtubers trying to get views.

Search “-modeller name- trouble” on Youtube and you get plenty of videos for each one along the lines of:

  • -modeller brand- is in trouble
  • Why I’m selling my -modeller-
  • Should -modeller brand- be worried?
  • I’m done with -modeller- and here’s why
  • Your -modeller- is now obsolete

What I want to know is where all the videos about Orange and Marshall being in trouble are. Surely all these modellers taking everyone’s money means that no one is buying amps anymore, right?

Right? :thinking:


:rofl:Just checked Reverb .com again. There’s only 5 QC’s used, which means they’re being sold again - fast. Okay bargains too. Thanx for the info YT :rofl:.

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Hopefully they do something because all the complaints are true. I got the qc recently since it´s the only modeler available in my region and as good as it is and i enjoy it it just lacks too much and i´ll be switching to an fm9 as soon as i can unless neural delivers at least the promised stuff. I want to stick with the neural guys but they are making it hard.

On that other guy justifying the delays - as much as i respect the guys doing hard work it´s still a business and they are still 3 years late for launch features - which their competition does fulfill, so it´s unacceptable. So if customers take their money elsewhere it´s only natural

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Hi @Cheems
Do what is best for you bro :hugs:



ye thats what i said.
hoping you and everyone does so as well so neural doesnt turn into apple for guitarists


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Yeah cause Apple’s really struggling, aren’t they? LOL


It’s great there are so many choices available from the vendors these days to fit everyone’s needs!
Most modelers sound decent enough (some better than others obviously). It all comes down to what is best for you. :slight_smile:
Good luck with whatever direction you go in! I had the FM9 for a few months and dumped it due to the user interface limitations (I experienced) and inability to capture and or use multiple captures etc., I ultimately decided to go the QC route and haven’t looked back since as nothing has really come close IMO, YMMV!

I think both Thomann and Andeton’s (maybe Sweetwater) have recently indicated the QC still ranks #1 in sales so assuming that sales are stronger than ever. I noticed there were mostly other vendor modelers available on TGP, Reverb and Sweetwater so might be a good time to sweep one up for a backup (or to have more toys) :grinning:


of course not, but their business model is not user focused, they constantly make features obsolete and recharge for what others provide as basic features - i love neural, i wouldnt like them going that way is what i meant

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Yup @MP_Mod, no massive contradictions there. :wink:
Also impressive that, as implied, Neural are reaching regions where no one else does. Must be as available as a certain red canned soda. :globe_with_meridians:


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yeah, for my needs they both work but theres an edge with the fm9, i might get it as well, or swap. Depends on the market in my country since i cant even use reverb.
And dont get me wrong im not looking to discredit or go against the QC its an amazing unit and something i would love to keep for all my life which is why i got it despite the areas its lacking but it NEEDS to become what it ´s supposed to be… if users dont give feedback and keep the company accountable then it´s gonna get run over by other modelers in a couple of years if not already. It´s taken too long for me hence looking at other options but i do have hopes for best case scenario where they get the ball rolling and i don´t have to change anything in my setup ever again


You may be the only one to have been ‘recharged’ for additional QC features! :joy: (joking of course)

While their business model may not be perfect or fit everyone perfectly, I believe their business model is 100% built around their large (and growing) customer base. Many of the features added and or modified are based on customer feedback and or QC Feature requests. Regardless, thanks for your feedback!

i meant apple haha with things like buying adaptors and cables for earphones or charging devices. And again, i do trust and have faith in neural being the best but as many other users constantly complain… 3 years wait for some features promised at launch makes patience run thin


If you hang in there, I think you will see more updates this year completing missed items and more QOL features added including plug-in integration and addition of the desktop editor. :metal:


REEEEEAAALLY hoping that´s the case… i will hold on as long as i can to the qc but im really hoping for updates so going back to what the post was originally about i do agree it´s a really good time for neural to communicate and update on good news or what to expect cus as those videos showing up that op mentioned and users like myself prove - credibility is at risk
have a nice day

I think the 3-4 videos are exactly as what @tomfs posted above:

If you look on YT or any social media site, you can always find the same types of posts that are indicative to click-bait. That being said, I believe most that I have seen lately are comparing QC to other profiling modelers which is interesting and expected IMO therefore I don’t see any connection to NDSP’s credibility at risk. You may see things differently and that viewpoint is definitely respected!

You have a nice day too and again, thanks for the feedback as it is always appreciated! :metal:

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