Solved: Plini with analog drive/distortion/ fuzz pedals

Hi guys, i need your help, i tested my analog pedals with plini and nolly plugins (in front of user interface and output is headphone
And for whatever reason plini plugin 2.01 doesnt seen to handle my drive and fuzz well at least not as good as nolly.
Meaning if i am trying to use them on middle to high gain amp or preset on the plini
they just cut through the Mix and give me the dry pedal sound, and kinda loose the plugin tone,
And with nolly, it add the pedals tone and effect without loosing the plugin tone.

Any ideas what to do with this problem, i tried it with a overdrive, 2 fuzz pedals and i got the same problem.
Have any of you experience this with out pedals In plini plugin?
Edit: i discovered that it helped me by reducing the gain quite a bit the on the instrument input on my Audio interface. and now all my pedals sounds killer with both plugins.