Chasing slash tones with plini suite

Hi all, first time poster here. I’m curious if any of the 335 and Les Paul toting Plini users might be interested in weighing in on how to best achieve a passable Slash lead tone (You could be mine, use your illusion 2) with the plini plug in. Here’s where I’m at so far.

Lead Amp: hair above 9 o’clock, bright switch on, bass 10 o’clock, mids couple hairs below noon, treble hair above noon, master dimed, presence hair below 1 o’clock.
Overdrive: drive on zero, level dimed, tone 1 o’clock
Cab: Ownhammer 412 MRBW M75-GNR L87 M+. (mid forward voicing)

It’s not half bad. And it could still cut more. I’m on a 335 with low output humbuckers with 10 gauge strings. There again… kind of close kind of not. Just curious if anybody wants to try these, and give me feedback on what you tweaked. Peace!