Plini or abasi for clean and crunch?

Hi guys… I hope that this is the right place to post. I have bought the nameless for high gain stuff and I am so happy with it! Now I am searching for clean and low gain/crunch tones. I am trying the demos of abasi and plini but i’m still not able to decide… i absolutely love the clean amp and the blend of abasi but the plini is just as good… what do you guys think? In terms of mix ready sound maybe with the plini is easy to achieve a tone that settle right in the mix?!? I don’t really know please help me!!

Had the same problem. Just buy both and be happy🤗

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I suggest plini for the ambient clean stuff, if you look at both the artists it would be clear to you

I hAd previously downloaded the demos of both abasi and plini…and did a comparison…even though the plini is one of the best neural dsp plugins…i went and bought the abasi which is probably the least popular. I found that for my personal use the clean is extremely clean and can go into crunch with the pathos pedal… Also you get options like blend. With little tweaking i was able to replicate the plini tones as well. I recommend just play around a bit more.

I don’t usually need. Any of their tones so i got the nolly one for the clean crunch stuff and nameless for riffs. I don’t usually require the extreme clean tones of abasi or the ambience of plini.

The Archetype Nolly gives you more options for rocky/british crunch because of the first two amps but I’d say either the Plini or Nolly will get the tones that you want without having to tweak everything too much. I own the Abasi and find it difficult to dial in lower gain british rock tones so I wouldn’t recommend it for that purpose, although it’s all down to personal preference.

Oh and for cleans, all of the plugins can essentially achieve the same tones imo.