PLEASE update the volume knob to be 50% when it is centered

I don’t know if this issue has been discussed before, and if it has, it’s worth bringing back up because it drives me insane.

Please, please, please!! Update the volume knob so that when it is at 12:00 the volume is at 50… it is currently at 55 and my OCD can hardly stand it.

Happy Friday, y’all


Mine also + a blue stain a the bottom right corner of the screen…

…I thought I’m the only one. :rofl:

Glad to hear I’m not the only one, either! haha

Looks like we all thought we were alone :smiley:

Thank you, I totally did not notice this so far. Now I cannot unsee it :tired_face: :wink:


Also, there is about an 1/8” amount of “free play” when the knob is at full volume where it doesn’t adjust anything until you turn it past that point…drives me nuts!

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Similarly, the mix knobs are far more off than 5%. On some delays, mix needs to be set to around 70% to get a 50% volume mix.

Today, I had the possibility to check this on another QC.
What I can say now: It’s not the same for all. One of the QC was at 51% volume when the knob was in the middle, the other on was at 55%.
So maybe some kind of an calibration-option would be pretty nice.

The more I think about it…
Actually I like that I have some tolerance at the 100% mark.
It’s helpful that I have 100% volume (which is the setting I always use on stage), even if I accidently touch and dial back the knob a bit.

So I’m starting to wonder whether it’s more a feature than a bug.