Volume wheel ? Always 100%?


For security and a best headroom, must I have level at 100% on the volume wheel ?


The official recommendation has always been 100%;
The dial is an attenuator, so it only turns “down.”
100% on the knob is “unity” level.


I’m in the minority on this forum, but I leave my volume knob at around 80. Call me crazy, I like to have wiggle room at gigs. Apparently, everyone else leaves it at 100.


As @xush indicated, the main volume knob acts like an attenuator and NDSP recommends to keep it at 100% for the best SNR.

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dumb question but what is SNR?

It’s not dumb :slight_smile: It means signal to noise ratio.

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You should experiment with this. I use my QC for live gigs and I find that 60-65 gives me a nice, spongy feel. It’s a bit of a dance between SNR and feel but for me it’s worth it. One of the main reasons I love the QC IS the spongy-ness. I see that Fractal has just added a “dynamics” control to all their amps in the latest version of their software. They’ve obviously been checking out their competition!

I think the volume control is a bit misunderstood. I set the volume where it’s appropriate. I plug straight into monitors so the level is anything from 1-30 and it’s fine. If you plug into a mixer or something (where the signal will be attenuated anyway), then you should probably keep it at 100. If it was meant to be always at 100, there would be no volume wheel. :person_shrugging:


Essentially you can set the volume wherever you want but it is unity at 100% and you will get the best signal to noise ratio at 100%

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Yes, keep it at 100 if you’re plugging into something that has it’s own volume control like a mixer. But if I set it to 100 and plug into my monitors, it will blow my ears off. So instead of keeping the QC at 100 and plugging it into something else that will attenuate the signal and introduce more noise, I will just use the volume control on the QC.