Volume wheel unstable values

Hey guys, sometimes when I turn up or turn down the wheel, volume level value won’t stay at the expected value and it keeps higher or lower. It happens especially when I turn it all the way down but sometimes at random values as well. Anyone else experienced the same? Is there a way to calibrate the wheel?


I have seen a couple of reports of something similar. It’s best to email support@neuraldsp.com so that they can log and provide resolution. Worst case, you can always backup and complete a factory reset and restore which is probably what support will initially suggest.

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I get the same thing. When I want to turn the volume down all the way (to mute) it doesn’t always mute as expected. I can still hear audio coming through. I have to move the wheel up and back down to sorta “reset” it.

Rudy hi,

I sent a mail to the support and they wanted to look at it themselves in the factory. But I still haven’t tried factory reset, I’m hoping it will resolve the issue or maybe the next update. In the worst case scenario I will send the unit to get it checked. Have you tried factory reset by the way?

i thought i was crazy but i noticed mine started doing the same thing. I will adjust the volume using the knob and then out of no where, The volume will change itself up or down, almost like i am turning the knob myself but i am not touching it? Its the strangest thing. It doesnt happen all the time but usually does when i adjust it.

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Hi all

I’m having exactly the same issue. If I turn the volume up the volume limiter becomes unstable and flickers between various numbers.

As well the volume goes up too much. There is no way I can gig like this. This is super frustrating.

Did you find a solution. Did the factory reset help

Thanks in advance


Well, you can keep the volume wheel at 100 and never touch it. When it’s at 100, it is stable right? And if you need to adjust the volume, you can use input gains, swiping down the main screen. I mean, this is what I do to survive gigs.

Some people sent it back to the Finland to get it fixed, so it’s probably a hardware issue. I believe lots of people will experience this very problem sooner or later due to the faulty volume knob. It would be nice to get a official explanation to understand what the problem really is and what other options we have to deal with it.

I’ve seen lots of posts about this issue but have never seen the cause described by anyone who’s had their’s repaired. I assume that NDSP may have received a batch of defective pots or encoders (whichever were used for the volume). Sweeping the knob all the way up and all the way down a few times or working it back and forth in the area that’s being flaky, may temporarily resolve the issue. I had a Line 6 Flextone amp that had this issue and it was a common complaint on the L6 forum. I opened it up (out of warranty) and cleaned the troubled pot with deoxit. I never had another problem after that. If this is the issue, it’s too bad Neural got stuck dealing with a component manufacturer’s quality control issue. Fortunately, my QC has been trouble-free (so far).

Right now the Gain block works better as volume!

Of course, that’s per-preset and has to be stored, not a global, on-the-fly adjustment. I’m sure it’s very frustrating. Have you tried sweeping the volume knob up and down a few times? A possible temporary fix at best.