Volume wheel unstable values

Hey guys, sometimes when I turn up or turn down the wheel, volume level value won’t stay at the expected value and it keeps higher or lower. It happens especially when I turn it all the way down but sometimes at random values as well. Anyone else experienced the same? Is there a way to calibrate the wheel?


I have seen a couple of reports of something similar. It’s best to email support@neuraldsp.com so that they can log and provide resolution. Worst case, you can always backup and complete a factory reset and restore which is probably what support will initially suggest.

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I get the same thing. When I want to turn the volume down all the way (to mute) it doesn’t always mute as expected. I can still hear audio coming through. I have to move the wheel up and back down to sorta “reset” it.

Rudy hi,

I sent a mail to the support and they wanted to look at it themselves in the factory. But I still haven’t tried factory reset, I’m hoping it will resolve the issue or maybe the next update. In the worst case scenario I will send the unit to get it checked. Have you tried factory reset by the way?

i thought i was crazy but i noticed mine started doing the same thing. I will adjust the volume using the knob and then out of no where, The volume will change itself up or down, almost like i am turning the knob myself but i am not touching it? Its the strangest thing. It doesnt happen all the time but usually does when i adjust it.

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