Please make Global EQ available for headphones

the introduction of Global EQ is super handy, but unfortunately it doesn’t work on headphones out.
Most headphones need some sort of eq and that’s also true when working with IEM in manu contexts.
It would be super nice if Global EQ was available for headphones as it is for main outputs.


I agree. I’m not sure why the Global EQ doesn’t apply to headphones output as that is supposed to copy from output 1/2.


If you agree, please vote. :wink:

voted, being able to hear in the headphones exactly the same signal as the outputs is really needed, but it seems more like a design flaw to be fixed, as if the global eq is placed after the signal is sent to the headphones, rather than before.

Oh good grief. Is that why the sounds I set up at home need so much tweaking once on stage?!?

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@thecleantone ; only if you’re using Global EQ- otherwise it’s probably just the Fletcher-Munson effect that’s discussed pretty often here; presets tweaked at modest headphone volume will sound RADICALLY different at stage volume. Best practice is to dial in/tweak presets at the volume you’ll be performing.


Well said. Also if you use an amp, and volume is very different, they will sound different.
The human ear doesn’t feel all frequencies evenly and the perceived loudness curve is not even either, not to mention that the response of the speaker is hardly flat.
However, with global EQ on headphones you can do quite a good job to align the tone once and then get more predictable results.


I put an EQ at the very end of every preset for dialing in my tones at home through headphones. However, applying the Global EQ or having a separate Global headphone EQ would be much easier. I’m not sure why they haven’t done this except due to processing power as we know the Global EQ takes up CPU.

The Global EQ is available since
the release of CorOS2.0.
It drains some CPU from rows 1/2 (unfortunate, as most users have rows 3/4 almost empty), hence it’s disabled if the CPU us maxed out on those rows.
The Global EQ can be applied to outputs 1/2/3/4, but it cannot be applied to headphones: I guess it wouldn’t be much hassle to make us able to tick phones, too.

That’s the point…they need to make it available to headphones as well.

came here with the same question. looking at global EQ showing in the headphone setup menu, turning it on, assigning it, and no EQ on headphones. in the headphone setup menu. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: