Multi Global EQ (IMHO is really needed by everybody)

Global EQ to be saved and assigned separately to any output.

Global EQ is supposed to accomodate for the system and room we are playing so the response is flat and the QC sound identical on any situation where there is no soundguy (headphones/home amp/jam/friend).
Now we should change manually everytime! I found particularly frustrating changing between the eq for headphones on 3&4 and the one for the amp/room on 1&2.

i think , imho, this depends from problems from your monitor tools. my 2cents.
But i think too that eventually it can be useful a subPRESET concepts from neural on the single BLOCKS
And not only for global eq.

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Hi Nik,
I don’t understand your advice, what do you mean?

With global eq I correct my HP (the well known senn veil, beyer harsh on highs or the sony7506 peak at 7kHz) and to eq the room (most monitors in the class of QC are usually good enough per se).
Any non professionally treated room will heavily resonate to certain notes, so everytime I change room I need to change eq. For this reason I love the globeq, I don’t have to put the block to eq the room in every preset I want to try…but I have to change it on any different room or HP…annoying!

Try it… found the notes that resonates and apply a -12db with q between 4 and 10 at the corresponding frequency for an amzing result. Usually also some harmonics (2nd and 4th) need to be addressed.

Yep, i think that a preset system can be very helpful.
You can have preset on single block to load…but now we don’t have this function
In your case, on global eq contest menu…a headphone preset, and several presets for rooms

I Hope presets for single blocks Will be implemented in future…

I think that presets for the effects is already been asked, I missed that too and thinking about it… The easyest way is to make eq preset available at least for eq blocks. I actually use preset with only an eq inside so I can give it a name and find it :slight_smile:

By the way…what you meant saying I may got a monitor tools problem?

shure there is discrepance with monitors and headphone, and i think that the best way to create a sound are always good monitors in air… but i think that the discrepance must be not so big or devasting…
For example, i don’t’ have the need of different settings in my sounds (created in air) when i use my headphones. Speaking… it’s only speaking

Thanks for your opinion, I appreciate any kind of input when is about music :slight_smile:
A simple research “room resonance” on youtube will bring you all the knowledge needed to understand and control the phenomena with your globEQ. Also try a research to find the eq needed by your HP, I think you will like it and is free!

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it would be very useful to have at least three different global eq profiles for out1/2, out3/4 and headphones

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We definitely need 4 different/separated Global EQ for each outputs, namely: Out 1/2 - Out 3/4 - FX Send 1/2 - Headphones.
My scenario is this:
I am a professional stage musician. Up to now I used AX8, Tc G -system and BOSS GT-8 within years. I use in-ear-monitors as well as FRFR wedge on stage. I use stereo signal on every possible situation. For In Ear monitoring, I have my own little mixer (Roland Go Pro X). I send my direct stereo guitar signal to my own mixer leaving monitor mixer of the venue out of my way. I receive AUX from venue mixer only for other band members’ sounds. I mix their level on my own with Roland Go. From ear buds I get the clarity, dynamics and stereo beautiful sound of my processor. But the FRFR is also needed to give me the bottom, real amp feeling at stage and for psychoacoustics of guitar - amp partnership. My band members also wanna hear a real guitar sound on stage. I feed it with a mono jack from one of the single outputs.

So with this setup I send my Out1/2 to FOH. For my In Ear system, I can use Out 3/4, Send 1/2 or headphone out. What ever ear buds we may use, it has its own coloration. And without equalizing them, the guitar sound (especially drive) really sucks on them. I use KZ ZSN Pro. I found the correction EQ to feel it more flat. So I need to apply an EQ before the signal comes to my ears.

  • Headphones out of Quad is eliminated. :)) I can’t use this out for FRFR either. For that a pre EQ could also be needed. Because sometimes I directly enter into the wedge of the concert place leaving my speaker at home.
  • If I use current Global EQ and just engage it for Out3/4 and send the signal to my ears, it ok… But what will happen if I have to make global changes according to the venue. (which is the main reason why they put global eq on the device). A separate EQ for them is a must.
  • And lastly the FX send: With current capabilities of Quad, in order to just equalize the FX send , we need to put an EQ block just before FX send block. This can only be done by creating a splitted row with an EQ in it and routing it to send 1/2. This may seem to solve the issue but with the cost of losing one precious row of the Grid. Also FX send may actually be used for external device as their main purposes, which would eliminate them for the use of IEM.

I think I made the scenario very clear. In order to route and use all the outputs for needed places, we stage musician need 4 separated global EQ (something that does not require Grid operation).

Best Regards