Playing with backing track

Hello everyone, quick question… looking at the manual, theoretically I will be able to play back a stereo backing track into the two ‘returns’ from an iPhone while playing guitar through input 1. But has anyone successfully done that without encountering impedance issues?

Why not use USB-Audio with a lightning-to-USB-adaptor (camera connection kit)? Works like a charm and even with looper-apps.

Through your PC or direct into the QC?

Works with my Macbook Pro 16 (USB-C-adaptor at the included cable or dedicated USB-C-cable in the QC), my iPad-Pro 10 (USB-C-adaptor at the included cable or dedicated USB-C-Cable in the QC) and my iPhone X (Camera Connection Kit at Lightning-port connected to included cable).
As soon as you connect a device, you can play music/backing-tracks which is heard on outputs 1&2 at the QC alongside with the guitar-signal from Input 1. With a looper app like Quantiloop you even can use your iPad or iPhone as looper if you set USB-Input 3&4 (processed signal of the QC) for record in the app.

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