Connecting a phone aux?

Hi everyone, I am currently looking at buying a QC in the next few months. Can anyone tell me how I can connect my phone so I can play along to backing tracks. If it’s not possible, it nice to get an update where you can download to the app/software once it’s been developed.

Using the ‘aux’ output of your phone could work , but it is cumbersome :

  • You have to connect the aux output of your phone to one if the Input of the QC, using and adapter on the QC side (since the QC Input are 6,35 mm, and a phone aux is 3,5 mm), then you have to use one of the 4 rows of your preset only to be able to ear the backing track… (by specifying the correct input on the left side if the row and either ‘multi out’ or the desired output of the right side …)

If you have an IPhone you can simply use the USB cable of the QC directly into your IPhone (you’ll probably need an adapter cable) - I don’t have an IPhone, but saw many posts of people doing it that way…

I’m using a Windows 10 PC, I connect my QC to my laptop using the USB Cable, and after having installed the QC ASIO Driver, when I play a YouTube backing track, I can ear it directly in my Headphone (connected to the QC) … easy.

Is this the type of adapter you are talking about? My phones aux is also it’s charging port. (Thanks Huawei)

No, Huawei uses a fork of Android , so the usb cable method won’t work for the QC (It only recognize Apple products, because Apple support a kind of ‘universal sound interface’ called ‘Class Compliant’).

So, if you only have a Huawei phone, and no Windows PC , the solution would be to use a ‘forking’ cable, on one side the 3,5mm ‘aux’ that goes into your phone, and on the other side a ‘split’ to separate the left and right sound channel , in order to use two of the ‘inputs’ of the QC (TS/TRS cable), but you’ll have to set each preset to allow the desired input to go through your headphone/studio monitor, which is cumbersome …

If the QC enabled its bluetooth chip (someone on a forum mentionned that the Wifi chip of the QC is also Bluetooth capable, but the bluetooth part is not enabled) , then your could stream the backing track through bluetooth … but I don’t think that Neural DSP will ever activate the Bluetooth chip of the QC (or at least not in a foreseable future …)

I use an cable that is stereo 3.5 on my phone and 2 TS 6.25 Jacks on the other side, and connect to the fx return on the QC