Music on the quadcortex

Hi is it possible to connect something(an iphone for example) with the right cables so that music goes into the Quadcortex?

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Yes. Just use the headphone jack on the i-Phone and a cable with a 2.5mm jack on one end and a 3.5mm on the other, or one with 2.5 on each and and an adapter jack. Put the 3.5 end into one of the QC’s inputs.

You could also play music through it using a laptop or desktop connected with USB.

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The QC’s input seems like it would need a 1/4" plug – is that right?

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I think the inputs are mono on the QC but I might be wrong

I tough so also, but ive just went to neural site and it seems that 2 two main inputs are ts trs and xlr, so if they are trs i think it would probably accept stereo cables, or am i wrong ?

would i have to do something to the impedance so that i can input audio stereo?
i think not but im wondering

the inputs are trs because they are balanced propably. Havent read the manual, but thats the case in audio interfaces in general… you can plug unbalanced plugs also just like your normal guitar cord…

just to be clear: the inputs are mono. Balanced mono signal needs similar cable as unbalanced stereo signal…

Oh :confused: so from what i see, the only way to play while having a backing track would be maybe with a cable stereo (iphone) to Y mono each connected to the QC returns input?

Yes that will work . There are also mono direct boxes which have the option to sum stereo signal to mono. of course it isn’t the same thing as stereo but that way you could use input 1 for guitar or your intsrument of choice and the the input 2 mic preamp for the direct box with your stereo source connected to it. it would free the return inputs for something else…

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ok thanks :slight_smile: i think ill try it when i get my hands on the QC.

If you have a Mac or PC, then you can connect the QC to it via USB and play along with the backing track that way. You may even be able to do that without a DAW.
Apologies if that was obvious, but just wanted to share.

No problem :), thanks, yes that a option too, but i m not sure about how it is going to work with my windows 7 :/. Anyways its a good option and maybe i can make the music audio enter in the QC Through the usb so i can out it to my iphone mix ready with video throu the i rig.

You don’t need to plug audio cables into the QC to play with music from a phone. Just plug the phone via USB into the QC USB input and it should work by sending audio via USB audio.
This works perfectly with a new iPad and any phone that has USB out. Its a great feature. I have a pixel with USB C and it works fine with a USBc to USB-A cable.
If you have an older iphone you may be able to get apple’s video adapter and do it that way.

Here is a video someone posted streaming audio with an iPhone.


I tried with my iPad and with my Android S10+ but I don’t hear anything if I connect the units to the Quad Cortex via USB.

Do I have to set something?

It’s in the manual but USB audio uses output 3/4