Auxiliary / line in - for backing tracks instead of via USB/PC?

Hi all, enjoying the quad cortex so far.

I’ve a setup question - i’m jamming with a friend on an electric drum kit, which is fine as i can take the CQ headphone out into his auxiliary in on the drum kit & we then split the headphones out from the drum kit.

Though we’d like to use some backing tracks to jam to as well, is it possible to connect a phone/ipad to one of the inputs on the CQ? would it need to be into the send and return inputs, I guess it would need some kind of splitter cable from a single 3.5mm jack to 2 quater inch TRS jacks?

Anyone done something similar?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I do something similar with iPad but I use lightening to USB adapter on the iPad and connect to the QC via USB. I know this does not answer your exact question just not sure if you knew you could use USB from the iPad.

Ah thanks for the info, that might do the trick!

I have done exactly what you’re suggesting, using the returns for a stereo input. I works well

Hi all, thanks for the advice, got the apple usb 3 camera adapter.

It’s working on headphones, but is there a way to have the USB input come out of monitors via outputs 3/4 ?