Play audio block

A useful option would be the ability to play some audio files from the QC, perhaps using a dedicated utility block that can be linked to some files, possibly in a USB memory, with some options (play one time, loop, backward…). This way you can select different backing tracks and play along on them

Since the unit has wifi, I would rather have streaming :slight_smile:

Yes :-)! We could have many source type for the audio (onboard file, file on storage connected with the USB port, bluetooth streaming from phone, wifi streaming), the important is to get this possibility with the QC, having a dedicated block

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why use a block since it wouldn’t have any input itself and only outputs? Making it an input option seems more logical to me.

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becuse I would like to change the audio/loop on a scene… a sort of Digitech JamMan pedal

Seems like a great use for the currently unused Bluetooth module


I would love to see a global stereo auxiliary input. Very surprised a hardware solution was not included in the unit. The facility to select, say, return inputs for a global stereo ‘aux in’ would be great. I would prefer a hardware solution to Bluetooth etc for plugging in IPods etc., but both options would be even better!

Is there a Bluetooth module? :hugs:

Yes (link to post beneath screen shot)

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man please tell me bluetooth audio streaming is a possible thing, assign bluetooth audio input to selectable output (or input, to send bluetooth audio through processing).