Pedal Request: BBE Sonic Maximizer

I understand some people have strong opinions about this pedal, but I would love to see NDSP release a pedal that achieves what the BBE Sonic Maximizer does. I believe it’s one of those unique pedals that can’t be truly captured as it does specific things to the tone.

Have you tried the captures of it?

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FYI, there are BBE’s available as NDSP captures and on the cloud available that work nicely!

Could you please link me? I did look and couldn’t find any.

Isn’t there a capture of it included in the factory captures?

There are several BBE captures that come with the QC out of the box. Refer to the manual for which model / capture etc.

I use this in every rig, between my amp block and cab - really makes it sparkle. Look under factory captures > bank 25. There are 4 flavors to choose from, each with their own gain, low, mid, high, and volume. Cheers.


Forgot to thank you. The captures do an alright job in the face of nothing however, I’m hoping that Neural give us a modelled one with tweakable parameters. Do you know what each capture of the BBE equates to on the real pedal? The lack of description and details makes it hard to know what settings on the pedal were captured.