Pedal Board question for 2 wireless guitar receivers, any suggestions?

Hey All! I’m somewhat new using the QC, and trying to configure my setup to use 2 Wireless receivers. I switch back & fourth with acoustic & electric guitars. I have the Line 6 Relay G50, and the Sure BLK4. Each guitar goes into their own input, each has its own XLR going into PA system. (2 separate channels) I was hoping to not have to build a pedal board and use the unit alone. It seems like I might have to build a pedal board to house the 2 wireless receivers. I know the line 6 receiver can run 2 guitars if I got a 2nd transmitter, but I’d have to change the line 6 receivers channel every time I switch guitars, so thought I needed 2 different wireless units. Does anyone have any suggestions for other options?