Sending same signal to multiple outputs?

Has anyone figured out how to do this? For instance, I want outputs 1 & 2 to be stereo outs to the mixing console, and I want a Mono output of the exact same signal chain to go to output 3 for my FRFR monitor.

If the QC can’t do this, I’m not gonna even waste my time putting it on my pedal board, as it will be totally useless in a live situation for me.

This HAS to be doable . . . I can’t fathom that they would release this as a product without that basic functionality. If that is the case, please someone let me know how.

it’s totally doable. read up on the manual: Splitter/Mixer

I read the manual but it’s not real clear how to do this. Let’s say I wanted to to do that (same thing on outputs 1/2 stereo, and 3 mono) with the factory preset 6h (Acoustic Sim 1) which is already using all 4 lanes. Can you dumb it down for me how to accomplish this?

For that particular preset you may be out of luck, would probably have to rebuild it to leave open an
empty lane to send out of. I think It would be great if the output blocks could send to multiple outputs though!

I agree with this request. It’s nuts there’s no global routing option to send the output of 1/2 to a stage monitor. How are we supposed to monitor if the mixer has no aux sends?