Pedal board configuration question

I’m using the QC with 2 wireless receivers (for acoustic guitar & electric guitar using 2 different QC inputs & 2 XLR outs for 2 PA channels) and think I need to build a pedal board to house everything all together. I’ve seen a lot of you guys using the Cloks DC7 power supply. Can you please suggest what boards & other things I might need to build this with ? There are so many options! I have a Line 6 Relay G50, and a Shure BLK4 to add to the board with e the QC. (I’m guessing a board approximate size maybe 8-9" X 22-24"?) Any suggestions please?

I’ve used this site extensively to plan pedalboards and it helps tremendously. I haven’t had a chance to dig in to this for you but you could test out some boards using this. If they don’t have the “pedal” for your wireless receiver on there you can measure it and use a “custom pedal” by plugging in the dimensions.

Good luck!

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I use the Gator Large Aluminum pedalboard. Works great for me.

Hey guys, thanks for the response! I wound up getting a Shure GLKD6+ wireless receiver with 2 guitar transmitters to upgrade to a better wireless unit and I am able to use the same unit for both guitars. (one at a time) So now the board needed is smaller, so I just ordered a Temple Audio 18" for the QC and Shure unit. My next issue is using a small surge protector strip under the unit to plug both power supplies into. Going the route of getting a power supply like the CLOKS is very expensive for just 2 units needed. I’ll keep you posted when I get everything in!