Different sound quality when adding plugin to Bus vs. standalone tracks?

Hey all

I’m experimenting with various DSP plugins at the moment and have noticed if I have several guitar tracks (same riff multi-tracked), create a bus for them and then apply the plugin (e.g. Nolly) to the bus, the sound is different (worse) to when I apply the plugin to each track individually.

Is this expected behaviour?

Hi @phuedz. Are you enabling the Stereo switch on the plugin when inserting in on the stereo bus? That should allow you to process two different signals (no more than that) with one instance.

Hi, Yes I was enabling the Stereo Switch. I was using this on four tracks - that must have been the problem! Thanks

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@Gonzalo - I’ve now noticed a similar problem occurring for lead playing

In this example I’ve added the Nolly plugin to a Bus vs. individual two tracks. You can hear the Bus version sounds very different/worse. I’ve tried the stereo switch/mono to no avail. The bus-version however works if I completely pan left one lead track, and right another track.

I’m guessing this is a super basic mistake on my part - could you enlighten me :slight_smile: thanks!

Example of the two things i’m hearing

That’s because in the bus/stereo version the panning for each side is controlled by the source tracks. In fact, if you look at the cab section while the stereo switch is enabled, you can see that the panning knobs are disabled/greyed out.

OK i’m a bit confused on how to correct it

Specifically what I’m trying to do is:

  • Track 1 - panned central
  • Track 2 - panned central

Bus (track 1+ Track2) = Nolly Plugin

It currently makes that “phasey” distorted sound rather than clean double-lead sound

Issue: I get the same sound if the nolly plugin switch is set to stereo or mono -> doesn’t make a difference

As I said before, if you’re using one (Stereo) instance to process two different signal, the pannig will be controlled by the source tracks (the ones that feed the bus). If they’re panned central, they will be using the same space. To avoid this, you need to pan the tracks before the bus.

Otherwise, it’s always better to use two separate (mono) instances.

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Thanks for your help, Gonzalo!

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@phuedz No problem!