Auto pan for stereo fx

I am experimenting with a quadrophonic rig (using 1/2 and 3/4 as two separate stereo outs to four FRFR monitors) The ping pong delay is useful, but I would love an ‘auto pan’ block to add after any stereo effect - with speed/depth/width controls…
It would be great for straightforward stereo rigs, but in my Quadrophonic ‘surround sound’ setup, the results would make your head spin - in a good way.
I used to have a Boss PN2 Tremolo-Pan back in the 90s, so the concept is well known and could be brought into the 21st Century - Can’t be a difficult block to design - imagine a pan L/R on an expression pedal.
Then a four-way pan block - to send an effect in 360 degrees through outs 1/2/3/4 in any order… something I suggested last week in a previous Feature Request. Why not?