How do I double the sound or widen the stereo field?


If you listen to the headphones on this Green Day cover I did (, you’ll hear the same guitar sound twice (after the intro guitar) , but with one on the left and the other on the right.

I did this with Logic Pro X, using the panning of each track. So I had to record the same guitar part twice. The guitar on the left is at -20 and the guitar on the right is at +20.

Before using the Quad Cortex, I could also use a Logic Pro effect: the Spreader (Stereo Spread in Logic Pro for Mac - Apple Support) which gives more or less the same result, but didn’t require recording the same guitar part twice.

So my question is: how can I achieve this result with the Quad Cortex while only recording my guitar once?

I’ve tried lots of things, and the only way I’ve found so far that gives more or less the same result is to add a Digital Delay (ST) block to the chain (Digital Delay ( ST) — Postimages).

Thanks for your help.

PS: I’m French and use a translator to write this message…

Most of the time, on the QC, this is the way to do it (a split, a digital delay @100% wet and 4 to 10 ms delay) .

You can also add a Pitch Shifter to slightly ‘detune’ the ‘B’ lane of the splitter…

Otherwise, if you don’t need a pitch shifter block, you can use a Dual IR loader block, and hard pan the first IR to the left, and the second IR to the right with a delay of several ms… (the ‘IR Block’ has an integrated delay effect !)

Hopefully NDSP will add a real ‘doubler effect’ on the QC at some point…

I tried a bunch, had a nice stereo field, but collapsed terribly to mono. Bought a Mimiq and currently testing it.

I’m curious to know how the Mimiq performs especially if you run it into input 1 & 2 with different rigs for each.

I would choose a different delay time. If it doesn’t collapse to mono one path is out of phase with the other. At about 28ms you’ll start to hear two distinct sounds.