Palm Muted "Punch" and "Bottom"

Greetings… Breaking in the new QC and bought 2 Headrush 108’s (Dont judge, all I could afford after 2k for the QC) and im finding it hard to get that “Bottom” or “Chug” when palm muting. Not new metal chug… more like Foreigner “Hot Blooded” clean bottom is what im chasing, I dialed up a plexi after going through all Marshalls and a landed on a 4 x 12 cab.
I put a high pass @ 100 and carved out some 314 and 169 @ 3db cut for HR “woof” elimination. All im getting is a muted dull bassy sound with no depth.
Any veterans have any ideas? (Please dont suggest buy new gear, thats getting so old)

It’s going to be very subjective for what you want but I would experiment with the cabs and or try some of your own IRs.

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