Ground noise issues

ya’ll… im about at my wits end with this ground noise situation. it seems like every other preset suffers from it. especially the higher gain one (yes im using a gate - yes ive checked the ground lift on and off) im using a gate, ive tried removing the input gate all together, ive checked my impedances. admittedly, i just got a Strandberg with fishman’s, so im trying to find the best impedance because im strictly a passive guy, but, this ground noise, hissing, nastiness has been prevalent since i bought this thing. ive tried multiple different power source, i have a CIOKS , i cant seem to solve it and it’s really bumming me out. i love this thing otherwise and i’d hate for this to be a deal breaker.

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Are you listening with only headphones connected? PITA I know but just make sure the QC is hooked up to a monitor/amp or something else that is grounded; it doesn’t need to be turned on. This often gets rid of the ground noise. The QC relies on proper grounding being provided by connected equipment.


never have any outputs plugged into anything when you power the QC on. If I dont unplug my monitors or PA i get a lot of nasty noise.

Unplug the cables, reboot, noise doesnt happen (if i power off the QC it kicks in though)

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That’s interesting.
I’m gonna give that a shot and see if that helps.
I wonder what would be causing that ?

it has something to do with the way that the power is regulated internally, and the kind of power supply type (ungrounded) or something.

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So I did that. Oddly enough, it helped. Thanks man!
I wonder if this is something neural can fix

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So you recommend no inputs or outputs are plugged into the QC when switching on?

Only outputs should be always unplugged until the device boots fully, inputs are fine.

Some people won’t have to do any of this but if you get that buzz, that’s probably why.

Power on and boot fully, then plug in your outputs afterwards


Where is this in the manual? I certainly can’t find it.

I just wasted two practice sessions over two days chasing ground/hum issues and it was mostly fixed by doing this :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m not sure it is. Most likely just user based work-a-round

bro i got lucky having read a post i cannot find on here that explained it once, and fortunately for me i never had the issue until a day or 2 after i read that post and i immediately fixed it by doing this