Connecting the Quad Cortex to the Head Rush FRFR108

Hey Everyone, I need some help. I have had my quad cortex for about a month now and I just purchased the HeadRush FRFR 108. I am not sure if I am Using everything correctly. It is very bass heavy I am using it for guitar but even in the amp I will Turn the bass off and it is still very bass heavy can anyone help with this thanks .

Are you disabling the cab block? Are you using XLR 1/2 out or 3/4 out (and balanced or unbalanced?). Lastly, you may need to add some EQ/Low and high cuts to taste.

I had the same experience. I have the Headrush FRFR-112 and everything just sounded so muddy. I solved the problem by using IR’s instead of the cab blocks. The QC came to life in the Headrush from that point on.

Thanks for that advice. I will be using a pair of Headrush FRFR -112’S for stereo. My past experience with them shows that putting them on speaker stands resolves their tendency to be bassy.

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Virtualernie is right. I have two FRFR108s and they do tend to exaggerate the low end, considerably, when on the floor (as most cabs will). That being said, many QC models will give you pretty heavy low end without using judicious EQ, and adjusting virtual cab block mics and distance settings. If you plan to gig and run the QC through the PA, I’d advise setting up your presets using some reasonably flat studio monitors, or your band’s PA as a reference. Once you have presets that sound good through most systems, you can always use the QCs global EQ to trim some bass when using your cabs on the floor. It’s all about playing the averages.