Outputs configuration into FRFR & amp

Spend a day only with my QC. Absolute beginner. I just wonder about outputs conf and would like toyr feedback (thanks in advance) if I weel understand : we can configure the QC in order to have, for example ,output 3/4 XLR with amplifier/cab + effects setup into any FRFR and ouput 1 TRS with a configuration w/o amplifier and cab (QC effects only - we can even add external effects by send/return I/O) going direct to an amp (mine will be a Junior V) … doing this, we getting the best of each. Thanks in advance to let me know if I am wrong or not.

Not sure about which outputs you envision sending where, but this is my setup: virtual amp, cabinet and effects into output 1/2 → direct to FOH. I then make a split after the virtual amp on my Quad, and send that split to output 3 (mono) → to a poweramp and real cabinet on stage.

This way, I feed one signal fully ‘virtual’ to the pa-system, and one signal using the virtual amp into a neutral poweramp and a marshall cabinet on stage.

But you could do many versions of this depending on your needs.

Basically yes you can do what you are asking. I would need to see your specific setup.

Thanks a lot !! tell me if I am not correct, you could also send a more “neutral” signal to your amp by adding your split before your virtual amp on the Quad … means that only the Quad “effects” (no amp/cab) are going to your amp which could be nice if you using a “coloured” amp as a Twin or Junior … by the way, yes, we do not really care about outputs.

That’s correct, you can route one signal without any amps or effects (or have a few stomps that you can turn on if you wish) directly to your stage amp.

Yes…you can. You can also mute your outputs as well if you wanted to have a scene that was just direct or just to the amp. Just hold the output block and it will pull up the params. On the mute box hold and it will allow you to mute or unmute for different scenes. It is really useful esp if you are using two modelers like I sometimes do. I can actually have scene 1 as my “HX Stomp” scene and mute my outputs I am sending the QC amps to. Then scene 2 would start “turning” on my QC amps/cabs while turning off the HX. This way I can extend the use of the QC by adding an additional modeler - this also works with the AF. I just wire the other modeler in the EF loop of the QC and add a EF loop box in my chain. Lots of routing options. And since the QC has two EF loops you could easily combine two modelers. Ah the fun!