Outputs and rows for multiple instuments

hello there i would like to ask this,it will be ever possible in a update to use let say out1 or 2 or 3 not only at the end but inside the row like an effect,the reason i want that is because i want to use 3 instruments and need the row 1 and the end of row 2 for guitar 1(i use cab ir and split before and use power amp and real cabs) and in the same row 2 return 1 as input and 3 effects for bass and out 3 inside the row,just to use row 2 for 2 different instruments,row 3-4 i use it for guitar 2
i think in fractal 3 you can do that?

Hey, this is really confusing to read… Can you make a bullet point list of what you’re trying to do?


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I get it now. Currently there is not a way to send to an output in the middle of a row like that, unless it’s a Send block to FX Send 1 or 2.

Maybe try swapping Out 2 and Send 1. Not sure if row 2 will let you do that while a split from row 1 is using its output.

I know its not possible now but i hope in a future update will be there ,or else i can buy another quad cortex :slight_smile: